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May 2015 @ Hamilton Gallery

James Singewald – Baltimore, Block by Block, work in progress…
April 30 – May 31, 2015

Artist Reception: Friday, May 8, 5-9pm

soft opening reception: Friday, May 1, 5–8pm*

*Due to the current City of Baltimore curfew the gallery will close at 8pm on Friday, May 1st. The gallery welcomes all guests and neighbors to join us in enjoying our neighborhood and our city.

images of buildings in Baltimore City

For six years James Singewald has been living and working in Baltimore, and studying the city’s history. James investigates why so many parts of Baltimore City are in the poor condition we see today. He is also exploring how it can be improved. His graduate work focused on the failed urban renewal project in East Baltimore known as Old Town Mall, formerly Gay Street, and now a desolate two block pedestrian mall just east of downtown. He photographed each of the buildings on the mall, essentially creating a historical document of what is left of the neighborhood after decades of decline. James researched Old Town’s history, what happened to it, and what was being planned for its future. He also spoke with life-long residents and business owners to get a sense of what people remember about the mall and what they hope to see happen there. James combined all of the research and photography in to a self-published book entitled, Old Town, East Baltimore.

For the past four years James have been working on a project titled Baltimore: A History, Block by Block, which is a larger version of the Old Town project. There are ten main streets in Baltimore that James is photographing: Howard Street, Eutaw Street, Baltimore Street, Lexington Street, Fayette Street, East Monument Street, Pennsylvania Avenue, Greenmount Avenue, North Avenue, and Broadway. Using a 4×5 view camera and fujichrome velvia slide film, James photographs these streets, building by building, block by block. He finds that a combination of good light and the saturated color of the slide film create a glimpse of what these mostly dilapidated buildings once were and could be. James’ photography is meant to leave you not only with a sense of the condition of our city, but also a feeling of urgency to see that these streets are improved and preserved and that the rich history behind the architecture and the community is not lost, but rather embraced.


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